Brady Fehr

“My Husky saved my life.”

Some time ago I was in a very dark place, a place no one wants to be. Fortunately for me, my son asked me to watch his husky Calypso while he was away. He had rescued Calypso from an abusive owner and up until then I really didn’t pay much attention to her.

The moment she and I were alone I knew something magical was happening. Her radiant personality, her eagerness to have fun, her incredible love and affection were like a bright like on a foggy day.

We began by taking simple walks through Mother Nature. As we did her positive energy began to infect me. Before long I wanted to get out of bed just to be able to experience the joy of being with her. I babied her and when someone kicked her and broke her ribs I make a special dog pen and took care of her with so much love I surprised myself.

As the darkness lifted I realized that Calypso was the match that lit the fire. I’m forever indebted to her. As a way of giving back, I told my friends I was going to foster Huskies. It didn’t take long for Primo to come along (my first foster-fail).
Now I’ve rescued over 40 Huskies and found them loving homes. I’m hooked. Fostering is the most rewarding thing I’ve done in my life. I will not stop until my heart does.

Thank you, Calypso.