We adopted Sandi, now Momo, back at the beginning of September. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost half a year with this amazing dog.

Since bringing Momo home, she has really come out of her shell as a wonderful little lap dog. We love and adore her. We’ve taken her on many adventures: a seven-mile hike in Livermore, frequent visits to Fort Funston, a local dog beach, and the San Mateo dog park. Momo has a good doggy friend, our friend’s dachshund mix Darby, and they love to play together at the beach.

She’s such a sweet and smart girl. Momo knows sit (which is also stay), touch, spin, paw (give left paw), shake (give right paw), go to bed, and dance. We are going to look into teaching her agility. All her mealtimes are through puzzle toys. We’re doing our best to keep her engaged and active.

Our favorite time of day is after the evening walk for evening pre-bedtime cuddles. Momo loves being with her humans and we love her (we’re making sure to leave sometimes so she won’t develop separation anxiety).

Thank you again for helping us find Momo.

All the best,

Kate & John