Pawsitively Special

It was a bright sunny day in August as I watched my dogs play on the porch. I was looking over Facebook when a video caught my attention. A fenced-in play yard with dogs running around happy, lots of dogs. Suddenly, through the middle of the video came this black dog. Like a Mack truck with a huge smile on her face, she busted through the crowd scooting on her butt. No, dogs don’t actually have butt cheeks, but for this story they do.

She was feisty and filled with excitement. My love of dogs told me I had to meet her! Annabelle is her name, a black pocket pit who unfortunately had a spinal injury as a puppy. She came to the rescue at 6 months of age, unable to use her back legs. Shortly after arriving at her foster home with Brandy, Annabelle became deathly ill with an intestinal blockage. Somehow, Annabelle had eaten a hairbrush before she arrived, causing her to become septic. Brandy quickly rushed her to the vet where Annabelle underwent a complicated surgery to remove the brush and hair from her intestines. The lengthy surgery went well as did her recovery. Two times now the odds had been against her, yet she made it through, still flashing her amazing smile and spirit.

Annabelle is an extraordinary dog with such resilience. She loves other dogs, gets around with or without her wheelchair, and doesn’t let being different stop her. She will never be able to use her back legs and will always be in a diaper, as she is incontinent. Minor details for a dog with such a big heart and a truly amazing smile.

I don’t see a dog in a wheelchair when I see Annabelle, I see a dog that is full of life with the help of some truly amazing people.

Annabelle is in need of a forever home, next month will be her one-year mark with Kate’s Rescue. Will you be the one to give sweet Annabelle the home she deserves? If you would like to meet this amazing girl just fill out an application and put Annabelle as the header.