Aged to Pawfection

An important goal of this column is to shed light on the fact that senior dogs have just as much love to give as a young puppy. They are often a great option for families who are looking to adopt, but people can forget to consider an older dog. Because of this, older dogs truly are at a disadvantage when it comes to being adopted out.

This month’s edition of Aged to Pawfection: Senior Dog Spotlight features a true angel, a beautiful Husky named Mishka. Her story is a perfect example of how despite age and everything they have been through, senior dogs can find their forever homes. Mishka’s previous owners abandoned her by dumping her at the shelter, which left her in pretty bad shape. It was obvious by the state she was in when she got there that they weren’t taking good care of her at all. Kate’s Rescue got word of this beautiful husky and soon she was with one of our fosters.

Her first foster didn’t work out, as Mishka’s traumatic history left her with a fear of other dogs. Fortunately, another Kate’s Angel, Brady Fehr, happily took her in. Brady deserves all the credit for her transformation. Mishka could barely walk when she started living with Brady, and after a few months of supplements and love, she has improved greatly. After spending time together, Brady has decided that unless the perfect home comes along, Mishka’s forever home will be with him.

Mishka now enjoys a happy and sedentary life. As a senior dog, she gives Brady just the same amount of happiness as any young dog would. I truly hope that stories like Mishka’s encourage those looking to adopt to consider welcoming a senior dog into their family.