Pawsitively Amazing

I admire persistence, also known as grit or resilience. It’s amazing how many things can be accomplished when one refuses to give up.

Rocky, a young Lab mix puppy, embodies the definition of resilience. Born in Texas, he was born with a damaged spine. At the young age of five months, it was determined by family members that Rocky would need to be euthanized. His owners could not afford the battery of tests he needed nor the possible surgery that would follow. At this point, one of his owners reached out to Kate’s Rescue hoping to save him from the inevitable.

It took some work, as Texas isn’t just up the road from northern California, but with dedicated transport volunteers and donations from caring supporters, Rocky arrived at his destination.

Rocky’s spine has eventually healed on its own, yet he still has some physical issues. Rocky is incontinent, which requires him to wear a diaper. Medication controls his urinary incontinence, and he will need to take this medication throughout his lifetime. For the right family, this will be a minor detail. Rocky loves to run and play, and I would describe this fun-loving boy as high energy.

When they’re young, boys often want to be astronauts, firefighter, and cowboys. These seem to be on every boy’s list of dreams. Rocky, a young pup, also has a list of dreams. At the top of his list is having a family of his own. He dreams of having a family to love. After all, he’s already a cowboy straight from Texas so he’s got that one covered.

Kate’s Rescue never gave up on Rocky. Many impossible dreams are made possible because someone just refuses to give up. Can you help Rocky fulfill his dream? If you think Rocky is the right pup for you, please fill out an application and put Rocky as the header.