Aged to Pawfection

When we lose a parent, it’s a devastating feeling. We grieve, feel a sense of loss, and try to make sense of it all. Sox, a 10-year-old Pitbull mix, endured a loss much like this. After spending 10 years with her owner, he passed away suddenly leaving Sox all alone. Unfortunately, like many dogs she ended up at the local shelter, scared, and with a sense of abandonment. She didn’t understand why her world abruptly changed; her big comfy bed was gone, the long walks and hikes with her person ended, and most of all the person that solely belonged to her was gone. Her spirit was crushed.

Not long after her arrival at the animal shelter, Sox was brought into Kate’s Rescue. It was a very confusing time for her as well as an adjustment from the life she once knew. New dogs, new people, new rules all came at her so fast and she just longed to have a person she could cling to and not have to share. Her need to be the only dog and not share her person created some problems in her foster home. This unfortunately, resulted in Sox being relocated to a new foster home once again.

Sox is a senior girl who needs someone she can bond with. She is very protective of her person so a single person or a slow introduction to a second person would be ideal. She loves to hike, she loves long walks, and ultimately, she loves to have you all to herself. Surely, someone out there needs a playmate, a best friend, a gamer sidekick, or a walking companion. If you’re out there, please stand up, Sox is waiting for you. To meet Sox please fill out an application and put Sox as the header.