One of the most heartwarming things about rescuing dogs is that they get a second chance to have the life they’ve always deserved. Unfortunately, for a lot of dogs, their time in rescue is long, unstable, and always changing. Although the fosters at Kate’s Rescue love every dog and treat each one with care, these dogs need a home and a family to call their own. 

Zodi, a beautiful American Staffordshire Terrier mix here at Kate’s Rescue, has experienced what it’s really like being a rescue dog. From ending up in the shelter time and time again, having unsuccessful trials and visits with potential adopters, and not getting the attention she so desperately needs, she has been through it all. When I first heard about Zodi, well truthfully, when I first saw her big bright smile, I couldn’t believe that she hadn’t found her forever home yet. Aside from Zodi’s beauty, she has the most wonderful personality. She is a young dog, about 2-years-old and is loving, sweet, and playful. Zodi would fit well in many homes as she loves other dogs and children.
            What got Zodi into our rescue and has kept her here for a while is that she can be an excellent escape artist. As many young dogs do, she tends to flee when she’s alone. This shouldn’t be what turns you away from Zodi, hopefully, it should draw you in closer. All she needs is the right family, with other dogs and a family who can give her all the attention that she needs so that she won’t even have to think about leaving.

If you are interested in making Zodi a part of your family please fill out an adoption application and enter your interest in Zodi.