Just The Facts, Jack!

The Relativity of Disgust continued…
A commentary on “revolting” practices through the ages from a dog’s perspective.


Let’s talk about pee shall we? Dogs use urine to mark their territory. Sniffing poop and pee shares so many things the leg lifter wants to convey such as his gender, status concerning dominance, and many personal health tidbits.  This is important to share and many dog lovers jokingly call it pee-mail.

Ok, so yes, we dogs really do get our noses right in there for the sniff. We even roll in it on occasion and indulge in a little lick to get all the nuances of the information being passed along.  You humedians have actually taken pee many steps further.

It is not known how early it began but the collection of urine in the family or community was common practice.  As the urine aged it was used for many purposes. You could tan a hide with it and soften the leather. It would remove fur and scrapes of flesh left on the pelts. It was a lovely cleaning product. It became the go to laundry solution and was reputed to take out most stains. Speaking of stains, it was even used as a toothpaste and tooth whitener.  I’m giggling about what those commercials would look like today! The fiduciary minded Romans used it so predominantly that several of the Emperors issued urine taxes.  It is said that the wealthy would rise everyday to brush their teeth with the pee paste and then a pee gargle for added benefit before they went along their merry ways. You guys even used urine to make gunpowder prior to the 20th century.

In 1820, a chemist while working with urine and its components was able to prove that humans are made from elements in nature and are part of this world as opposed to the earlier belief that humans were not connected to the earth. Thus began Organic Chemistry.

Currently urine is used as a source of electrical power and as a medical aid for many issues including fertility treatment and hormonal medications  for menopausal  symptoms. If you use one of these medications, I would suggest talking to your doctor or researching on the internet to find out  how the product is made.  Premarin is a medication that is developed quite inhumanly for the horses involved in urine production. 

The Relativity of Disgust to be continued…