Just The Facts, Jack!

The Relativity of Disgust continued…
A commentary on “revolting” practices through the ages from a dog’s perspective.

Eating what?

Saving the best for last is a dog’s penchant for eating poop. This habit tends to be the most offensive to you guys. There is a fascinating theory that early dogs, hanging around human communities, ate their fecal matter and the microbes in the feces actually helped dogs relate more to humans and assisted the friendship dogs and people have favored for such a glorious length of time. This might seem far out there but studies show that microbes and parasites in animals intestinal tracks can really change their mentality and direction. More about this in another article!

Currently people are actually being treated for intestinal issues with fecal transplants. Cutting to the chase, a piece of poop is either inserted from the bottom or surgically inserted in your intestinal tract to introduce the proper bacteria. There is even a tribe in Tanzania that has been identified as proud owners of the healthiest poop on the planet and they sell their poop for these procedures.

Well!  Speaking of yuck….people have eaten the weirdest things through the ages! Geophagia is the practice of eating dirt and enough humans practice it to have been granted a name. Turns out it may actually be good for you. Curious? Amazon sells dirt from around the world. Drinks and dirt parties could be the newest trend. Dirtbucks drive thru’s perhaps?

Humans have pretty much eaten anything that didn’t eat them first, including each other. Ancients used to eat their dead out of respect….Aunt Myrtle on toast perhaps. There is a reason we know that humans eating human brains can lead to some serious issues!  People have eaten all manners of bugs, snails and slimy creepers, birds and their eggs, lizards and their eggs, fish of all sorts, dogs, cats, rats, mice, guinea pigs, eating crow wasn’t always about eating your humiliation…LOL.  The Roman’s favored dormice. These tiny rodents were actually bred for eating and would be feasted on by the most wealthy with great passion. Don’t be ashamed! Wolves actually supplement great portions of their dietary needs by eating mice. There was cock-beer that used a rooster thrust into a vat of beer and fermented as part of the aging process…yum.

 I am fascinated by what you still eat the most. Bird’s Nest Soup is a prized delicacy in Asia. The nests are made with bird saliva and the nests are used to fashion the soup. Foraging for these nests high on the cliffs has cost many humans lives in the quest for this delicacy. How about Stinkheads, an Alaskan delicacy where the heads of salmon are buried for a few weeks and consumed with a gusto after the proper fermentation period. In China there is the “dragon in the flame of desire” which is just your average yak penis. Cherry Blossom meat is horse flesh. Fried grasshoppers and tarantulas are eaten in Thailand. Balut is boiled duck embryos. Wasp crackers are enjoyed in Japan.  Let’s wrap this up with Haggis; sheep hearts, liver and lungs minced with assorted veggies and spices and stuffed into the sheep stomach and baked. Bon appetit!

In conclusion, what disgusts one group may be quite enticing to another and perhaps there are reasons behind what we consider to be strange practices. What is one man’s trash may be another dog’s dinner. As in all things, our perspectives are relative to the times and beliefs of the day.